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about btfb

{bitter tea for breakfast} is a side project of sorts. it started when i had a crop of songs that i liked but had never recorded. i wanted to record them before i forgot about them, since i was getting pretty heavily (and wonderfully) involved with millimeters mercury. that effort became blueprints for a medical building, which took over a year, quite unintentionally, and damn near claimed my sanity. i played all of the instruments myself, did all of the recording, production, mixing, and mastering. i had no idea what an ordeal it could be, but it's my own damn fault for allowing it to take that long.

now that i've got a better handle on what i'm doing, i happen to find myself with another batch of songs that don't quite fit into the millimeters mercury repertoire, and i've decided to put out another record. alarming new evidence of pathological self-sabotage was supposed to be an ep, but my verbosity got the better of me, and it ended up being long enough to consider a full length. it's considerably more cohesive than the previous record, and i daresay much stronger in almost every other respect as well. while i did all the recording myself, i did not play all of the instruments. deirdre kelly played all of the cellos, sarah powers played all of the violin, and chris vlasses played the majority of the drums. also, rather than mix it myself, i went to my friend josh "cartier" cutsinger at hayloft studios for mixing. i think he did a fantastic job. but i guess you should listen for yourself.