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alarming new evidence of pathological self-sabotage

alarming new evidence of pathological self-sabotage
01-internal monologue* lyrics
02-fine, i admit it. lyrics mp3
03-the invisible man (part 1) lyrics mp3
04-you have nothing to fear from me (self-sabotage) lyrics mp3
05-the invisible man (part 2) lyrics mp3
06-fine by myself lyrics mp3
07-the invisible man (reprise) lyrics mp3
08-no how lyrics mp3
09-a moot point, to be sure lyrics mp3
10-warm regards lyrics mp3
11-dream caused/interrupted by a phone call lyrics mp3

*(if you are going to download just one song, don't download internal monologue, but here it is, just in case.)

production notes

thanks to the carter family, chris, gabe, robert, mk, sheila, lizzie, conor, sara,
becky, loren, cartier, and everyone else who has been supportive and tolerant.

blueprints for a medical building

blueprints for a medical building
01-for once, i'll actually tell you what i was thinking lyrics mp3
02-aphasia lyrics mp3
03-breathing lyrics lyrics mp3
04-myth of circumstance lyrics mp3
05-nothing's easier lyrics mp3
06-alimentary genius lyrics mp3
07-because of you, wigs lyrics mp3
08-the part of me that wishes, wishes on lyrics mp3
09-if i was looking lyrics mp3
10-=,≠ (what i am, what i am not) lyrics mp3
11-the rain comes still through the windowsill lyrics mp3
12-a year ago lyrics mp3
13-i prefer to fall (make me forget you're leaving) lyrics mp3
14-the loneliest spaceman lyrics mp3
15-positive feedback lyrics mp3

thanks, you're amazing.
mom, dad, heather, david, lydia, robert, chris, conor,
loren, mk, becky, dave, courtenay, ajg-csk-veb-ces.