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new song, new podcast mon, mar 10, 1:41 pm

boy, it's been a while. busy doesn't cover the half of it. anyway, at least this time i have something to show for it. there is a "demo" of a new song (i take it back) up for download. the song is featured on the historic 100th episode of the shifted sound podcast - which is quite an honor. check it out at shiftedsound.com.

you might notice the very nice cello sounds on this recording, which are coming to you courtesy of kat agres, formerly of the outside royalty. she's also a grad student in cornell (in music cognition!), and i'm hoping this collaboration is the first of many to come. we're certainly both excited to be back in business after such a prolonged absence.

above i refer to the new track as a "demo" because, although the recordings themselves are probably not going to change, the mixing probably will. my editing/mixing/mastering setup took a pretty big hit when my old computer (a mac g5) died a horrible death. apple replaced it with a new mac pro which was pretty awesome, except that my old software and hardware no longer works. boo. so this was recorded and mixed in garageband. frankly, i'm a little underwhelmed with that program. but beggars can't be choosers, i suppose.

anyway, check out the new song, but take it with a grain of salt - i'm a little rusty in both the writing and mixing department. but damn it felt good to be back on the horse.


btfb on german radio? sun, apr 01, 3:47 pm

it's true. or at least, as best i can tell since i speak no german whatsoever. well, i guess i can say 'thank you' and 'weinerschnitzel', but since i will never ever be grateful for a gift of weinerschnitzel, i don't think i'll even get to use those two words together. oh, i guess i could say that weinerschnitzel is 'verboten', but that's not going to do much towards getting me fed. anywho.... where was i? oh yes, german radio. dj ottic (aka gerd hoeschen) played a couple btfb tracks on his radio show a little while ago. if you can decipher any of it, by all means check it out.

i'm hip-deep in papers and conference presentations and damn - when does the sun start shining in ithaca, ny again? i need a little more of that in my life. seriously. enough with the grey rainy days.

feel like hanging out? let me know:
 in 20 days, i will be in nyc for a conference.
 in 25 days, i will be in north carolina for my sister's wedding.
 in 33 days, i will be in chicago for a conference.
 in ~90 days, i will be in portland, oregon for a conference.


btfb on shifted sound podcast [redux!] tue, mar 06, 12:28 am

i got to co-host an episode of the shifted sound podcast, and it got posted today. you should all go listen to it right now.

it was quite a nice experience. i had a good time talking with shelby, who's a super nice guy and doing a very cool thing by exposing a lot of people to some great indie bands. as part of my co-hosting duties, i got to choose the bands that got played, so i picked some of my favorites/friends: spouse, cola wars, first coat and the passerines. so even if you're bored to death putting up with my nonsense, at least you get to hear some spectacular music from those very fine bands.

in any case, i'm exhausted. i had an indoor soccer game tonight, and even at the end of the season, i'm still out of shape. sigh. grad school is not conducive to exercise. it is, however, very conducive to sitting, typing, and paying attention when people are talking at me. i'm getting really good at that.

more news soon. i promise.


btfb featured on shifted sound podcast mon, jan 22, 7:48 pm

just a quick shout-out to shelby miller over at shifted sound, a weekly podcast that recently featured a couple of songs from a little record i affectionately call aneopss. you can download the podcast from itunes, or from the shifted sound website. check it out!

if any of you happen to be social psychologists going to spsp in memphis, tn later this week, keep an eye out for me and my spiffy poster. balancing a phd program and virtually anything else is damn near impossible (much less writing/recording music, freelance web programming, indoor soccer and a netflix addiction), and i've been doing too much of those other things lately. as such, it looks like i'll be wearing my itchy grad student pants all week long. but that's okay. i love these conferences.


another new year, but i managed not to injure myself this time tue, jan 09, 2:07 pm

okay, so i didn't smash my face into the sidewalk this new year's eve, and the only injury i sustained all night was a small cut from cooking dinner. i guess that's starting the new year off right. or at least not wrong.

anyway, i'm in the mighty metropolis of athens, oh right now, holed up at my girlfriend's place, doing some work on about a million different things, and enjoying those precious moments before class starts up again in a couple weeks. while i'm here, i'm writing and getting my fingers back into shape from their long dormancy at the hand of my hellish fall semester. i might even get to do a bit of recording!

in bitter tea news, i wanted to thank 3hive for posting about btfb, and for the nice things they said about us. welcome those of you redirected from that site, and make sure to download something from the music page. i'd recommend downloading fine, i admit it, a moot point, to be sure, or warm regards. if you like what you hear, let me know!


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