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millimeters mercury
mmHg is where i spent my formative years. we are math-pop - the kind that makes you want to run marathons and learn about physics.

cola wars
cola wars is the band formed by the remains of mmHg and another great hp band, the planck length. they've got math and chaos all wrapped up into a nice melodic package. and chris gets to be up front where he belongs!

spouse is a spectacularly entertaining experimental pop band. man can those fellows write a song! mmHg had the pleasure of touring with them for a week or so in 2004. best week ever.

mr. hyde records
mr. hyde is a hyde park record label on the rise. btfb has a song on the first three comps, and warm regards is on hyde five.

zinc finger and the major groove
zinc finger and the major groove is the smartest rap group this side of the mcats. you will lower your maxilla, and then shake your gluteus maximus. infectious!

first coat
first coat is an amazing blend of folk, rock, and laziness.

the passerines
like the gentlest, best intentioned punch in the heart you're ever going to get. features gabe (of mmHg) and deirdre (of btfb) and other hyde park legends.

health and beauty
health and beauty play haunting, dark, pop music.

starlister is a pretty powder pop band whose members include three of my former roommates, one member of mmHg, and two members of health and beauty.

the sixty-eights
the sixty-eights play louder than you do, poser.

stephin merritt
stephin merrit is the amazingly prolific songwriter for the magnetic fields, one of the most amazing pop bands of the modern age.

bright eyes
i've fallen in love with conor oberst's album 'lifted or the story is in the soil, keep your ear to the ground'. highly recommended.

pedro the lion
pedro the lion makes the most incredibly up-tempo shoe gazer visions of modern society's sickness and disease.

these people are doing important things. your mind is being destroyed. you should learn to protect yourself. they want to help.

cornell university psych department
this is where i spend virtually all my time these days, conducting my sinister experiments on unsuspecting undergraduates.